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Community Service and Awards

Community Service Award

Community Service Awards were established by the National Board of Management in April 1995 as an opportunity for chapters and states to recognize worthy individuals in their communities for outstanding unpaid voluntary achievements in cultural, educational, humanitarian, patriotic, historical, citizenship, or environmental conservation endeavors. Chapters may award two each year.

Women in the Arts Recognition Award

This award, instituted in 2011, is an American Heritage Committee award designed to recognize and honor a woman who has made significant achievement at the community level in non-performance arts, including fiber arts design and creation; fine arts; sculpture design and creation; music composition; literature and drama authorship; and artisan design and creation, including but not limited to jewelry, metalwork, decorative painting, and pottery. The recipient is expected to have contributed to her artistic field in an outstanding manner beyond mastery of technique. This may include design work, featured exhibitions, publication, and technique development.

The Founders Medals: Mary Desha Medal for Youth

The Mary Desha Medal for Youth honors a young person (20 years of age or younger) for outstanding service to his/her community, state, or nation through service and leadership in activities such as conservation, organized sports (beyond school-sponsored activities), scouting, church, or community, state, or national service organizations. This individual will have exceeded expectations for the nominee’s age. Academic achievement is not a consideration for this award.

DAR Distinguished Citizen DAR Medal

This medal is awarded to an individual, 18 years of age and older, who fulfills the qualities of honor, service, courage, leadership, and patriotism. The DAR Distinguished Citizen Medal may be awarded to emergency first responders; active duty military and veterans of the United States Armed Forces; and citizens who have contributed to the defense and/or security, and thereby the freedom, of the community, state, or nation in an exceptional manner. Members of NSDAR are eligible for this award if the service is unrelated to their DAR activities.

Outstanding Veteran Volunteer Award

This award is presented to a veteran in recognition of outstanding achievement in personal, professional, and in family life. Applicant must prove significant contributions of leadership, patriotism, and increased public awareness of veteran’s needs. A veteran volunteering in the community for patriotic organizations or to assist veterans as volunteerism is not limited to VA facilities for this award.

Outstanding Youth Volunteer Award

This award is presented to a youth volunteer who serves in a VA facility and who is 14-21 years of age in recognition of outstanding or unusual care given to veterans and serves as a role model for peers and consistently demonstrates the qualities of leadership.

Outstanding DAR Service of Veterans Awards

This award is presented to a DAR member in recognition of outstanding care given to veterans in VA facilities, state veteran facilities, nursing homes, veteran shelters, and outpatient clinics. For more information about this or any award or project, contact our chapter regent using our Contact Us form.