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John DeLaney Society N.S.C.A.R.
Organized March 22, 1997

Toll Gate Creek Chapter, NSDAR, was named after the one of streams that flows through our city. The creek flows through Aurora’s DeLaney Farm, one of the oldest farms in Aurora. Around 1870, Bridget and John DeLaney started their homestead on 160 acres near what is now the intersection of Alameda Avenue and South Chambers Road in Aurora, Colorado. The family farm was passed to their oldest son, John DeLaney Jr., in 1892. John Jr. had a round barn built on the site between 1900 and 1902 that was used as a grain silo. About a decade later, the barn was converted to a milking barn when the family started raising cattle. The DeLaney barn is the only true round barn still standing in Colorado.

Toll Gate Creek Chapter, NSDAR, is the original sponsor for the John DeLaney Society, National Society of the Children of the American Revolution (N.S.C.A.R.). Just as the creek nourishes the farm, the Toll Gate Creek Chapter, NSDAR nourishes the John DeLaney Society, N.S.C.A.R. On March 22, 1997, nine organizing members assembled for their organizing meeting at the Aurora Public Library’s Mission Viejo branch with Ms. Susan Cameron as the organizing senior president and Jennifer Marble as the first society president.

For more information about the National Society of the Children of the American Revolution, click N.S.C.A.R.

For information about joining the John DeLaney Society, N.S.C.A.R., please contact the Senior Society President