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For over 125 years, the DAR has carried the torch of patriotism. It’s the foundation of the many DAR activities that take place in local communities across the country. Toll Gate Creek Chapter, NSDAR, participates in many patriotic activities. We have an annual Everyday Heroes Ceremony to honor 9/11 and our first responders. We attend naturalization ceremonies; collect supplies for active duty military and veterans; make Quilts of Valor; support the Colorado Freedom Memorial, Freedom Service Dogs, and Honor Flights; place Flags on veterans’ graves; award ROTC medals; and many other activities.

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Patriotism Awards, Contests, and Honors

The Founders Medals: The Ellen Hardin Walworth Medal for Patriotism

The Ellen Hardin Walworth Medal for Patriotism honors an individual (21 years or older) who has displayed outstanding patriotism in the promotion of our American ideals of God, Home, and Country through faithful and meritorious service to community, state, or nation. Examples include participation in church, scouting, conservation, hereditary, historical, genealogical, or organized sports activities. In addition, one who has performed outstanding service as a member of the military, religious, or business community may be considered for this award.

The Founders Medals: Eugenia Washington Medal for Heroism

The Eugenia Washington Medal for Heroism honors an individual who has displayed outstanding qualities of courage and valor. A nominee must have demonstrated outstanding bravery and self-sacrifice in the face of imminent danger. This medal is intended primarily for acts by civilians not in uniform, but does not exclude police, firemen, or any other uniformed professionals.

DAR Medal of Honor

This medal is given to an adult who is a United States citizen by birth and has shown extraordinary qualities of leadership, trustworthiness, service, and patriotism. Recipients must have made unusual and lasting contributions to our American heritage by truly giving of themselves to their community, state, country, and fellow men. This award was established by the Executive Committee in 1972. Nominees must be at least 18 years of age, and the chapter sponsoring the nominee must follow instructions and guidelines. Proof of citizenship is required. The proposed recipient must be living at the time of national approval. Avoid nominating elected or appointed government officials who are currently in office and receive payment for their services. Elected officials may not be recognized until they are out of office and then only for volunteer work outside the scope of their elected position. Please be sure to include the date of the proposed presentation and allow six to eight weeks for approval and receipt of the medal and certificate.

DAR Americanism Medal

Established in February 1958, this medal is given to an adult who has been a naturalized United States Citizen for at least five years and has fulfilled the following requirements after naturalization. DAR Americanism Medal recipients must have shown extraordinary qualities of leadership, trustworthiness, service, and patriotism. They must have actively assisted other immigrants to become American citizens or displayed outstanding ability in community affairs, preferably with emphasis on the foreign-born community. Proof of citizenship is required.

DAR Distinguished Citizen DAR Medal

This medal is awarded to an individual, 18 years of age and older, who fulfills the qualities of honor, service, courage, leadership, and patriotism. The DAR Distinguished Citizen Medal may be awarded to emergency first responders; active duty military and veterans of the United States Armed Forces; and citizens who have contributed to the defense and/or security, and thereby the freedom, of the community, state, or nation in an exceptional manner. Members of NSDAR are eligible for this award if the service is unrelated to their DAR activities.

Outstanding Veteran Volunteer Award

This award is presented to a veteran in recognition of outstanding achievement in personal, professional, and in family life. Applicant must prove significant contributions of leadership, patriotism, and increased public awareness of veteran’s needs. A veteran volunteering in the community for patriotic organizations or to assist veterans as volunteerism is not limited to Veteran Administration (VA) for this award.

Outstanding Youth Volunteer Award

This award is presented to a youth volunteer who serves in a VA facility and who is 14-21 years of age in recognition of outstanding or unusual care given to veteran’s and serves as a role model for peers and consistently demonstrates the qualities of leadership. Outstanding DAR Service of Veterans Award–State Society and national level awards. This award is presented to a DAR member in recognition of outstanding care given to veteran’s in VA facilities, state veteran’s facilities, nursing homes, veteran’s shelters, and outpatient clinics. The outstanding NSDAR volunteer has given more than her time.