Our Patriot Ancestors

Listed here are the Patriot ancestors of the current members of Toll Gate Creek Chapter, NSDAR. Visit the NSDAR website for a list of accepted Revolutionary War Service.

Ancestor Service State
Joseph Anthony Patriotic Service Virginia
John Armstrong Captain Pennsylvania
Solomon Arnold Private North Carolina
Martin Ashley, Sr. Staff Officer New Hampshire
Martin Ashely, Jr. Private New Hampshire
Michael Ault Private Pennsylvania
Richard Ayer Captain, Patriotic Service Massachusetts
Nathan Bailey Private Massachusetts
Philip Peter Baker Private Virginia
George Barlow Patriotic Service Virginia
John Bennett Patriotic Service Virginia
Aaron Biddle Captain New Jersey
Renzin Bowie Soldier Georgia
Josiah Bowker Patriotic Service Massachusetts
Jonas Brigham, Jr. Captain Massachusetts
Windle Bright Patriotic Service Virginia
John Bunting Patriotic Service New Jersey
Samuel Butts Soldier, Patriotic Service Pennsylvania
George Caplinger Patriotic Service Virginia
Joseph Carroll Private Massachusetts
John Carty Soldier North Carolina
John Cary Patriotic Service Connecticut
Charles Churchill, Sr. Captain Connecticut
Noah Cobb Patriotic Service North Carolina
Ebenezer Cole, Sr. Patriotic Service Rhode Island
John Conger, Sr. Patriotic Service North Carolina
Johnathan Conger Ensign North Carolina
Ebenezer Cox Colonel New York
Basil Darby Private Maryland
George Darby Patriotic Service Maryland
William Davidson Private Pennsylvania
Casper Elias Diller, Sr. Patriotic Service Pennsylvania
John Dix Captain, Civil Service, Patriotic Service Virginia
Larkin Dix Patriotic Service Virginia
James Dobbins Private South Carolina
Chesley Dobbs Private Virginia, North Carolina
James Douglas Captain, Patriotic Service Pennsylvania
Abijah Drake Private Massachusetts
Andrew Duke Lieutenant North Carolina
William Dunaway Patriotic Service Georgia
Prince Duplex Private Connecticut
David Dustin Soldier Massachusetts
James Dyer Civil Service, Patriotic Service Virginia
Oliver Earle Lieutenant Massachusetts
James Easterling Soldier Georgia
Rolfe Eldredge Civil Service, Patriotic Service Virginia
Evan Ellis Patriotic Service North Carolina
Israel Ellsworth Private Vermont
Samuel Ellsworth Civil Service, Patriotic Service Vermont
Asher Fairchild Master Sergeant Connecticut
Henry Felder, Sr. Captain, Civil Service, Patriotic Service South Carolina
Levi Forbes Private Connecticut
Elias Freer Lieutenant New York
Elisha Fuller Civil Service Connecticut
William Gates Patriotic Service  North Carolina
Joseph Gist Major Maryland
Peter Glascock, Sr. Civil Service Virginia
Ebenezer Brewster Gould Lieutenant Massachusetts
Thomas Graves Patriotic Service Virginia
Windle Groff Soldier Virginia
William Gully Soldier North Carolina
George Hammer Patriotic Service Virginia
John Hart Patriotic Service, Signer of the
Declaration of Independence
New Jersey
William Haymond Captain Virginia
John Hearne Soldier Virginia
Michael Hensel Private Virginia
Robert Herriott Colonel, Patriotic Service South Carolina
Jeremiah Hilton Patriotic Service New Hampshire
Mary Barbara Teter Hinkle Patriotic Service Virginia
Jacob Hittel Soldier Pennsylvania
Nicholas Holt Lieutenant Colonel, Patriotic Service Massachusetts
Amos Hotchkiss Private Connecticut
Adonijah Howe Lieutenant Massachusetts
Thomas Hughes Private Virginia
Solomon Ingalls Sergeant Major Massachusetts
Roley Jacobs Corporal Virginia
Joseph Millan Jewett Private Connecticut
Charles Johnston Lieutenant Colonel, Civil Service,
Patriotic Service
New Hampshire
Andrew Kelley Private, Patriotic Service South Carolina
Jonathan Kelsey Civil Service, Patriotic Service Connecticut
John Kilbourn, Jr. Lieutenant New Hampshire
John Kilbourn, Sr. Patriotic Service New Hampshire
George Klock Patriotic Service New York
George Adam Koiner Patriotic Service Pennsylvania
Michael Koiner Patriotic Service Pennsylvania
Mathias Lair, Sr. Patriotic Service Virginia
Asa Lake Noncommissioned Officer Vermont
Gershom Lake Ensign Vermont
Jacint Laval Cornet France
Amos Leake Private New Jersey
Aaron Lewis Private North Carolina
Peter Little Patriotic Service North Carolina
John Locke Patriotic Service Virginia
Peter Loucks, Sr. Patriotic Service  Pennsylvania
Simon Loucks Private Virginia
Robert Love Lieutenant Virginia
John Lynch Patriotic Service Virginia
Haswell Magruder Civil Service Maryland
Abram Markoe Patriotic Service Pennsylvania
Joseph Marks Soldier Vermont
William Marsh, Sr. Patriotic Service New Jersey
Alexander Marshall Lieutenant, Patriotic Service Virginia
Edward Martin Captain South Carolina
Hezekiah Mason Private Massachusetts
Nathan Mason, Sr. Soldier Massachusetts
Samuel McCormick Private Pennsylvania
Alexander McKay Patriotic Service Connecticut
Ethan Mead Private New York
George Meyers Patriotic Service Maryland
John Middlebrook, Sr. Patriotic Service North Carolina
John Miller Private North Carolina
Morgan Morgan Lieutenant Virginia
Charles Newton Private Massachusetts
Enock Noyes Patriotic Service New Hampshire
Roswell Saltonstall Palmer Sailor, Patriotic Service Connecticut
Josiah Peet Patriot Service, Civil Service Connecticut
William Pettijohn, Sr. Patriotic Service Virginia
Simeon Pike Private Massachusetts
Elias Pike Private Massachusetts
Francois Pitre Patriotic Service Louisiana
Elijah Pound Patriotic Service New Jersey
James Preston Soldier Pennsylvania
Lawrence Raines Private Virginia
Thomas Ray Private North Carolina
Anderson Redding Private Georgia, Virginia
John Redfield Patriotic Service Connecticut
Samuel Redfield Non-Commissioned Officer Connecticut
Michael Reigart Private Pennsylvania
William Robertson Private Maryland
Stephen Robinson Private Virginia
Ephraim Root Corporal New Hampshire
Cornelius Ruddle Private, Patriotic Service Virginia
John Ruddle Captain Virginia
Julius Sharp Private Virginia
Robert Shepard Patriotic Service North Carolina
Roger Sherman Civil Service, Patriotic Service, Signer of the Declaration of Independence Connecticut
Peter Short, Jr. Private New York
Jacob Shotwell Private, Patriotic Service New Jersey
John Shotwell Civil Service New Jersey
Gerrit Slingerland Private, Patriotic Service New York
Charles Smith Private Pennsylvania
Peter Smith Private Pennsylvania
Joshua Stafford Patriotic Service Rhode Island
Joseph Sterling Corporal Connecticut
Ebenezer Stevens Patriotic Service Connecticut
Benjamin Stevens Soldier Vermont
William Stubbs Private, Patriotic Service South Carolina
Hermanus Tallman Private New York
John Threldkeld Private Virginia
Thomas Todd Private North Carolina
Jesse Waldo, Jr. Private Connecticut
Samuel Walker Patriotic Service North Carolina
Rufus Ward Corporal Massachusetts
Thomas Warren Private, Patriotic Service Pennsylvania
James Webster Patriotic Service Maryland
Francis Welchel, Sr. Patriotic Service South Carolina
William White Soldier Maryland
Henry Whitner, Jr. Soldier North Carolina
Abraham Wiles Private Delaware
Mary Cartwright Withers Patriotic Service South Carolina
Roger Wolcott Ensign Connecticut
Nathan Wood Private Massachusetts
Richard Wright, Jr. Patriotic Service North Carolina
Richard Wright, Sr. Patriotic Service North Carolina
Daniel Wunderlich Private Pennsylvania
Jacob Young, Jr. Patriotic Service Maryland
This table updated, November 18, 2022